Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pride - The Original Sin

If anyone believes that he or she knows better than God what is right and what is wrong, that person has a real ego problem.  But let’s face it – Pride was the original sin.  It led to the fall of Lucifer and his followers.  It led to the fall of mankind and subsequently all of creation. So we shouldn’t be surprised that pride is behind any movement that stands against God’s Word, law, and principles.   

Humility is hard for humans, maybe because we were made in God’s image and to reflect His glory.  We can be glorious creatures filled with wisdom and beauty, but something in us went astray.  It no longer was good enough for us to reflect the glory of God.  We became selfish and wanted the glory for ourselves.  When that happens in a person or an angel, the wonder in his or her heart dies.  He stops marveling at the goodness and loveliness of God and begins striving for self. 

Pride becomes anxiousness, greed, selfishness, and lust – all trying to feed something inside of us that can never be filled with any of that.  And when it doesn’t, despair sets in and depression takes hold.  We wonder why we aren’t happy.  We ask ourselves, “Wasn’t this what I wanted?  Didn’t I get everything I set out for?  Why do I feel this way?”  This is the point when many people realize their utter need for God.  In brokenness of spirit, we reach up asking for a hand of help out of the hole we dug for ourselves.  It happens all the time with all kinds of people and has throughout history. Sometimes people just have to learn for themselves that sin destroys lives.  It always has.  But God is patient and kind.  He waits on us.  He knows that we are but dust.  He allows for mistakes and teaches us through them.  But rest assured that if anyone calls out to God for help and forgiveness, He will give it.  No one is beyond His reach.  He is God, and He is able to redeem and restore all that has been lost in us. 

Sin is going to happen.  Let it.  This is not about government or Supreme Court Justices.  It’s about the hearts of men and women.  What am I to do about my culture?  Sit back and let it devour me?  No.  You and I, saints of God, are called to be holy – to be different.  I am going love you no matter who you are, for we are all sinners in this earth. But I refuse to let my wonder be taken from me.  I will always stand in awe of the One who created me, who loves me, and has redeemed my broken life.  I’ll never shake my fist at God and blame Him for all the destruction that is coming upon the world because of sin.  And I will never stop hoping for the lost and the dying to come home to God because I know that is His desire and that many, many will. 

Don’t fret, my friends.  It is all working together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  Watch and see.  He – JESUS – the light of the world – will shine ever more brightly in the darkness.  And we are called to shine with Him, to reflect His grace, His glory, and His goodness forever.  His purpose remains the same as from the beginning.  His purpose is this – to call out for Himself a people who love Him as He loves us.  He seeks hearts to come in childlike faith and wonder to be a part with Him and His kingdom forever.   In this, there is joy and peace and love and compassion and mercy.  There is abundance of life and liberty and growth and purpose.  But the proud will see none of it.  There is but one God, one truth, and one redemption, and He who was and is and is to come is He.  Do you believe this? 

If so, there is nothing to fear.  When we realize the power of God to break down strongholds, to give life to dry bones, to make all things new, then we can rest in His strength and authority and know that He can be trusted in all things.  Acknowledge the power and authority of God right now, and know that in the end, everything, everything, will be more than okay.  It will be perfect.  Wait and see.