Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bronner's Birthday Blue Dasher

This baby blue dragonfly greeted us as we arrived at Bronner's grave on his birthday. I had already dropped the flowers by that morning, and the whole family went together later. When we arrived, we saw this beautiful blue dasher who had lit right on Bronner's flowers. The baby blue also lit on the balloons we were planning to release that day. I had dropped off seven balloons that morning, because that's how many people would be there, Rick, me, Brandi, Brooks, Brody, Nana, & Pop. Blake was meeting us at the beach later. But, when we arrived one of the balloons had popped just like before when we were releasing them following Brody's baptism in the pool. When we released the balloons, I knew why. There were only six balloons to fly into the sky that day, and as I watched the six of them fly away, I thought about the rest of us left here, Bronner's family, his mom and dad and brothers and sister. We'll fly away to him one day, but our seventh member, our baby blue, is already there. Our seventh member has already flown away, and, as King David said, he shall not return to us, but we WILL go to him.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful. Can you imagine how big Bronner's smile was?

  2. That is absolutely beautiful Sherri. We lost our 9 year old son 4 1/2 years ago and God continues to send us little things like this, to comforts us, right when we need it. I wish I could speak so eloquently about losing my son as you do. Blessing to you and yours in this new year.
    ~April Sexton
    asexton (at) elmore (dot) rr (dot) com